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Metro Orm

Are you ready for a new challenge? Move the snake and collect all the gems while watching out for the walls and the snake's tail. And don't let the tail catch the snake's head!

Metro Orm begins a completely new era in the classic snake game scene. Beautiful 2D graphics and soundscape and two different game modes combined with intuitive touch controls will entertain players of all ages.

Features include:

  • Ten exciting levels (two available in the trial mode)
  • Two different game modes
  • Increased difficulty and new level colors after each pass-through of all levels
  • Touch screen optimized snake controls - you are really controlling the snake in this game
  • Continue from the exact spot you left off last time - excellent game for even the shortest gaming sessions
  • Top 5 lists for each level and overall score (names and scores hidden in the trial mode)
  • Player statistics - including games played, gems collected and total score
  • Quick instructions:

  • When the game begins, you can start dragging from the position of your choice - except within walls
  • Collect 20 gems to advance to the next level
  • Avoid collisions with walls and the snake's own tail
  • Don't let the tail catch the snake's head
  • After pause, start dragging from the front of the snake's head - watch out for tail collisions when continuing
  • Download and install

    Click the button below to download Metro Orm for your Windows Phone 7 device:


    System requirements

    • Windows Phone 7 device
    • Windows Phone Marketplace available for your country.

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