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Eitbit RPG Dice

Eitbit RPG Dice is a dice simulation software for role-playing game players.

You can easily make rolls from the application's main screen and change the dice-order by dragging and dropping, and also create new dice combinations from the dice setup screen. Timestamped results are displayed in a log column on the main screen.

Easy to learn user interface, real dice sounds and the rolling mechanism make Eitbit RPG Dice the next best option to physical dice.

Eitbit RPG Dice supports 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 20- and 100-sided dice as well as modifiers (e.g. 2D8+1). Only six-sided dice are available in the trial version.

Download and install

Click the button below to download Eitbit RPG Dice app for your Windows Phone 7 device:


System requirements

  • Windows Phone 7 device
  • Windows Phone Marketplace available for your contry.

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